It's Time to Shine
Ultra-light and strong, forged magnesium wheels signify upscale style and confidence. Which SMW design matches your personality, and the impression you want your car to make?
Safe Speed for Champions
Leading racing professionals rely on these lightweight forged wheels. Our street-legal wheels are made of aviation-grade magnesium and aluminum alloys, employing the same high technology as the competition wheels are made with.
Discover the World of Forged Magnesium Wheels
How are forged wheels made? Why opt for magnesium wheels? How to choose rims that fit, and more invaluable information.

Made to win races

SMW forged magnesium wheels are manufactured with precision to be the lightest wheels in the industry, motorsport-grade, yielding numerous advantages to the driver

Faster acceleration and reduced stopping/braking distance

Improved fuel efficiency and resulting CO2 emissions reduction

Tire lifecycle increase, and tire failure (blow-out) risk minimization

Brake pads and brake disks longevity increase

Suspension system lifecycle prolongation

More comfortable and safer cornering/turning

Custom Made Magnesium Alloy Forged Wheels

Vintage Custom made magnesium alloy forged wheels have been known to motorsports professionals and some learned drivers for decades.  Those used to be best in class circuit wheels and were made not only for the top racing professionals, but even for some OEM car models.  But clearly, magnesium custom made forged wheels are in an entirely different category.  It is a scientific fact that a forged magnesium has a higher specific strength value and a higher toughness (ability to absorb energy), as compared with a cast magnesium wheel.  Forged magnesium wheels are selected by knowledgeable car and motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world — because they are a further 15%-20% lighter than vintage magnesium wheels, and also because they are significantly stronger even than cast motorsport wheels.

Discover Forged For Speed Collection

Our flagship line stands out for ultimate speed and safety characteristics. All wheels are available in aluminum or magnesium alloy. The magnesium alloy is 30% lighter, yet maintains the same strength as the aluminum version. Forged for Speed wheels contribute to the superior performance of your car by significantly improving acceleration and deceleration time. Magnesium wheels come with an extended warranty

SMW Agio

Available in Aluminum or Magnesium

SMW Lowenhart

Available in Aluminum or Magnesium

SMW Racetech

Available in Aluminum or Magnesium

SMW Hero

Available in Aluminum or Magnesium

News and events

Get the latest news about forged magnesium wheels

SMW Wheels Shined at SEMA Show

Custom set Forged by SMW for Mkw Aloy

Magnesium wheels forged by SMW Engineering for MKW Alloy were presented at SEMA

Unique HFC Wheels For McLaren

Developed upon request of HyperCar Development

These forged wheels have been created by SMW for the HyperFast Development's edition of McLaren and debuted at SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas

SMW Introduces New Wheel Color

New coating will soon become available for all designs

We are excited to add a new color to our palette. Four coats make it truly impeccable.


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