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SMW Engineering has long-term experience processing Russian aviation-grade aluminum alloys, as well as the most reliable high-performance magnesium alloys ZK60А-Т1 and AZ80А-Т4. SMW AV aluminum-based alloy is about 10% stronger than the typically used 6061 alloy, and even stronger than 6151. These are deployed for production of forgings, such as forged wheels. SMW has accumulated deep know-how based on extensive data/statistics on the resulting characteristics. This expertise, in conjunction with the state of the art forging process, is utilized to achieve optimization in lightweight design of automotive and motorcycle components. 

Table above specifies alloys’ properties obtained from various segments cut from forgings.

Aluminum alloys
magnesium alloys
forging alloys
SMW alloys
forged SMW


Explanatory notes: 

1. 310/310 or 12/10 and such represent average values of strength or elongation respectively of various samples cut along the grain flow / cut across the grain flow (along the thickness of the forging).

2. Abbreviations: “Spec.” – values corresponding to standard technical specifications (mostly internally developed); 

“Actual” – real values being obtained (average); 

“min.” – minimal value;

“med” – average value.

3. Fatigue strength -- rotating bending fatigue for symmetrical loading cycle (σ-1).



Forgings are being designed while taking into account the properties of each respective selected material and in accordance with the internal developed guidelines, including sought stiffness (if an important priority). 

aluminium alloys
aluminum alloys
SMW alloys
SMW forged
SMW wheels

ASTM heat treatment Т6 (heat treatment in ''solid solution'' and artificial aging) corresponds to the Russian standard heat treatment Т1 (Quenching and artificial aging to maximum strength). 

T6, examples of standard procedures: 

1. At 520°C, cooled in water; At 175°C, for 10h, cooled in air (for bars listed in the table).

2. Quenching temperature: 530 °C. Artificial aging.

- Rolled and drawn products: 160 °С for 18 hours.

- Pressed and forged products: 175 °C for 8 hours.

3. Quenching temperature 520 °С. Artificial aging 175 °C for 8 hours.

Т1, standard procedure (SMW procedure is slightly different):

1. Quenching 515-530°C. Artificial aging:160-170°С for 10-12 hours (AD33).

1. Quenching 515-520°C. Artificial aging:160-170°С for 10-12 hours (AD35).

1. Quenching 515-525°C. Artificial aging:150-160°С for 6 hours (AV).