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SMW Group AS (“SMW”) is a Latvian joint stock company possessing unique expertise in production of large-size components in light alloys.

Innovative and efficient coating development for magnesium components

Work is continuing on a publication cited by Scopus. Several series of samples have been prepared using the new electrolyte of the KOH-Si-P-Zr system and work has begun on the development of pore filling technology using the pyrolytic spraying method. […]

High-tech magnesium coating facility development

SMW Group AS has secured support for its Project titled “Development and purchase of high-tech equipment for the coating of ultra-light and environmentally friendly forged magnesium automotive and motorcycle wheels”. Funding was granted through The Investment and Development Agency of […]

SMW Group planning a share listing

SMW Group is taking steps to list its shares on Nasdaq First North exchange in 2021. LHV Bank has been selected as the underwriter. Timely updates on the progress will be provided.

Innovative coating process for Mg components is under development

We’re pleased to announce that our project “Innovative and Efficient Coating Development For Magnesium Components” has received funding from The Central Finance and Contracting Agency under European Union Funds Program for European Regional Development Fund support for practical research. More […]

3D printing capability expansion

SMW is expanding its 3D printing capabilities, in both – Selective Laser Melting and Laser-Cladding. Standard and proprietary alloys are deployed as feedstock (various materials): stainless steel and aluminium and titanium and bronze. Magnesium-based feedstock is to be commercially available […]

SMW electromagnetic shielding project supported by Latvian MoD

SMW Wheels receives a grant from the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia to develop a lightweight shielding material to protect various types of vehicles from electromagnetic weapons, such as EMP and DEW. The panels being developed by […]

SMW Wheels in Geneva 2019

SMW wheels were displayed at the Geneva Motor Show 2019. SMW logo was seen on the wheels of two supercars: Rimac and Engler. Additionally, a forged magnesium wheel was proudly displayed suspended on a minimalistic wooden stand of proprietary design […]