Why not equip your beloved vehicle deservedly?


SMW wheels are designed and built for the world’s fastest competitions. When the expected performance is this high, with speeds exceeding 300 km/h, even a minor mistake may potentially lead to tragic consequences. SMW wheels are forged to meet all the highest operational and safety requirements of the most demanding teams. SMW engineers have been seasoned to develop best in class wheels after many years of working to the standards of champions. 



SMW engineers and designers work at each design optimisation according to the particular specifications of the vehicle. Factors such as load factor and brake system dimensions, among others, has direct impact on the weight of the wheels. Whereas brake system dimensions may influence the shape of the spokes. In some cases, every ounce counts. Several lightest designs created for motorsports applications were developed in order to save 200 grams per wheel. Such a design, for example, has special spoke geometry -- hollow rectangular (also to provide maximum stiffness of the construction).

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