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SMW wheels are impeccably forged to safely sustain high speeds. Carefully crafted to serve the most demanding professionals.


SMW proprietary net-shape forging process provides for maximally thorough shaping of the metal structure by using localized compressive forces, aligning its internal grains and fibres into targeted geometry/directionalities (such as along the spokes) rather than being randomly formed. The resulting non-porous tighter structure is provisioned for higher strength at lower weight, engineered for sustaining higher speeds while deferring development of material fatigue, as well as for prevailing against impacts with curbs/kerbs and such.

Being 33% lighter than aluminium (in terms of density), magnesium wheels are designed by SMW engineers to have approximately 10% thicker walls – thus delivering 23% weight reduction as compared forged aluminium alloy wheel. Additionally, this additional thickness providing more material cross-section ensures higher structural stiffness. Wheels that are more stiff/rigid deliver more efficient/targeted direction of the corresponding kinetic energy – resulting in improved ability for cornering/turning at higher speeds and better handling/control at turns. Professionals know that races are won or lost at turns. Impeccably-made forged magnesium wheels allow/enable a pilot to outperform without compromising on safety/control – they represent an essential instrument toward podiumness/championry.