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SMW wheels are impeccably forged to safely sustain high speeds. Carefully crafted to serve the most demanding professionals.

Proprietary Technology

SMW proprietary closed-die net-shape forging process (5000 – 15000 tonnes hydraulic force) ensures the desired metal flow with directional fiber positioning with deeper deformation for optimal grain structure. This results in superior metallurgical characteristics and improved mechanical/strength and fatigue properties.

Engler wheels by SMW

SMW engineers and designers work on each individual design optimization according to the specifications of the particular vehicle. Aspects such as load factor and brake system dimensions, among others, direct reflect on the weight of the bespoke wheels. Specifically, brake system dimensions may influence the shape of the spokes. In some cases, every saved ounce makes an important difference. Several lightest designs created for motorsports applications were developed in order to achieve a reduction of 200 grams per wheel. One such design, for example, has special hollow rectangular spoke geometry — providing for maximum stiffness of the construction.


  • 20 years of experience in developing and improving forging technology
  • Stronger alloys ensure lighter wheels
  • Specialization in wheels weight optimization
  • Rapid prototyping of demonstrators
  • Tooling serving for at least 20 000 forgings
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Design customization by employing most advanced software
  • Any design in any size manufactured from unshaped blanks

Forged for Speed