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Innovative and efficient coating development for magnesium components

SMW possesses unique expertise in production of large-size wrought components in high-strength light alloys.

Thin, multicomponent metallic coating for corrosion protection of Magnesium alloy parts using physical vapor deposition (PVD)

Work has concluded on the development and corrosion testing of thin, metallic coatings on Mg alloy substrates obtained via combined magnetron sputtering and arc vapor deposition. The two methods are classified as physical vapor deposition (PVD) techniques and are widely […]

Spray painting method for PEO coated AZ31 alloy

PEO process produces a porous layer of stable oxide of the substrate metal. Typically, this porous layer serves as a highly suitable surface for application of paint. The paint seals the pores of the PEO layer and offers added protection […]

Pyrolytic spraying process and other developments in PEO coating of Mg

Work is continuing on a publication cited by Scopus. Several series of samples have been prepared using the new electrolyte of the KOH-Si-P-Zr system and work has begun on the development of pore filling technology using the pyrolytic spraying method. […]

Si-P-Zr electrolyte system in PEO coating for magnesium

Work has begun on the introduction of Zr into the electrolyte of the Si-P system, improving the corrosion resistance of the protective coating. Preparing and testing several series of samples in which Si has changed; P and Zr percentages in […]

Si-P electrolyte system in PEO coating for magnesium

Work on a new PEO treatment method and optimization continues. The development of the Si-P electrolyte system, which ensures the homogeneous introduction of these elements into the protective coating, has been started. The requirements for P and Si input parameters […]

Improving pre-treatment method in PEO protective coating for magnesium

Work is continuing on the development of a sample pre-treatment method. In order for the PEO protective coating to be homogeneous, the magnesium alloy parts must be degreased in an ultrasonic bath. Possibilities of etching Mg alloys in acid and […]

Aluminium-based intermetallic coatings on magnesium alloys

Aluminum intermetalide coatings on magnesium alloys can be used mainly as interlayers in composite coatings to improve corrosion resistance. Aluminum intermetalide coatings can be applied by various methods – from powders, alloys, etc. With these methods, coatings are mainly produced […]