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Si-P electrolyte system in PEO coating for magnesium

Work on a new PEO treatment method and optimization continues. The development of the Si-P electrolyte system, which ensures the homogeneous introduction of these elements into the protective coating, has been started. The requirements for P and Si input parameters have been determined and the electrolyte composition has been adjusted. Several series of samples were prepared to control the amount of Si and P input and its effect on the PEO process. The obtained samples were evaluated for corrosion protection properties and electrolyte compositions were selected that provide the best protection against corrosion. Corrosion tests were performed by immersing the samples in 3% NaCl solution for 1 week. The morphology of the samples before and after the corrosion tests is considered and the effect of P and Si on the corrosion process is evaluated. Modified specimens show significantly higher corrosion resistance than those without Si and P.

Video PEO process: Coming soon.



Being implemented with the financial support of the ERDF.


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