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Si-P-Zr electrolyte system in PEO coating for magnesium

Work has begun on the introduction of Zr into the electrolyte of the Si-P system, improving the corrosion resistance of the protective coating. Preparing and testing several series of samples in which Si has changed; P and Zr percentages in the electrolyte, a new electrolyte composition has been developed. The applicability of the new electrolyte composition in different current modes has been tested. Corrosion tests, phase composition analysis XRD, morphology and chemical composition analysis SEM EDS were performed on the obtained samples. The obtained results have been summarized and work on the preparation of the publication has begun. Work has begun on scaling samples and processes, increasing the surface area 25 times (dimensions of workpieces increased from 2x2cm (4cm2) to 10x10cm (100cm2)). Reactor optimization has been performed to provide better cooling functions during the PEO process by processing larger samples.

Fig. 2 Corrosion test results – left protective coating obtained by PEO method in Si-P-Zr supplemented KOH electrolyte solution, right Mg alloy without protective coating.



Being implemented with the financial support of the ERDF.


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