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SMW meeting Sintef in Norway

SMW meeting Sintef in Norway 12.-14. April, 2023. During the meeting, the measurement results of the recently prepared series of samples were discussed, in which the possibilities of introducing silicon from the Na2SiO3 solution at various concentrations were studied, as well as the possibilities of additional analysis, and determination of the chemical composition of the samples. A detailed analysis of the Si content in each of the samples is studied before preparing the next batch.
The results were analyzed in the discussions, including the possible reasons as to why some of the obtained samples demonstrate significantly lower corrosion protection. Analyzing the course of the experiment, it was concluded that the underlying reason is in the contact of the sample holder with the electrolyte solution, as a result of which the process cycle was compromised (incomplete). In the next series/batches of samples, the shape will include an extended fastening part of at least 2 cm long.
The presence of Ge in the composition of the ZK60 alloy and its effect on corrosion resistance were thoroughly discussed.
The possibilities to continue the topic of Mg corrosion protective coatings within the framework of new projects were also discussed, considering the possibilities of preparing applications in EIT RAW Materials and M-ERA.NET project calls.
The laboratories of the SINTEF Institute, which deal with material properties testing and characterization were visited, and the equipment for conducting analysis of corrosion properties was examined, including that for corrosion tests in a salt chamber, corrosion tests using the scanning Kelvin probe and electrochemical methods and numerous others.
Also discussed were possibilities of processing zinc and galvanized steel employing PEO method. And also discussed was the participation in the upcoming Eurocorr2023 conference in late August, where both Daniels and Reinis will take part.


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The project (ID. AK-IES/35) is financed by Norway Grants / Innovation Norway and LIAA.


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